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Improving the quality of life through Health and Fitness

8 Week Blueprint

We've built a program to get you started in the right direction. From nutrition, to exercise. We've got you covered. 

Greens, Roots, & Fruits. The base of our nutrition recomendations. 

Greens, Roots, & Fruits. The base of our nutrition recomendations. 

nutrition  nu·tri·tion


Nutrition is nourishment or energy that is obtained from food consumed or the process of consuming the proper amount of nourishment and energy.


nutrition 101

The importance of a solid nutrition plan, cannot be overstated. In this course, you'll go to the grocery store, learn some simple recipes, as well as understand the basics of reading labels. Calories have become too much of our diets. We intend to teach you more about the entirety of nutrition.  



  1. A form of exercise in which the goal is to increase the strength of muscles through low numbers of repetitions of an exercise performed with high resistance.

Strength training 

New study suggests weight training has unique benefits for your ticker. The premise: When it comes to exercise, aerobic activity is traditionally recommended for heart health, while resistance training is prescribed for muscle gain.

Strength Training should be the base of your fitness gameplan. 

Strength Training should be the base of your fitness gameplan. 

Healthy, happy living is the goal. 

Healthy, happy living is the goal. 



The definition of happiness is the state of joy, peace and tranquility.

ataraxia a state of tranquility free from anxiety and emotional disturbance.

ataractic, ataraxic, adj.

athedonia an inability to be happy. —athedonic, adj.

cheromania an extreme love for gaiety.

Healthy Living

The reality of a healthy lifestyle is far more than an hour at the gym. It encompasses a low stress approach to life. Learning ways to curb your energy towards things that benefit you, your life, and your energy. Learning how to be social, while not wasting your good eating habits and training... is a learned skill. You will surely learn a few good tricks here. 


12 Week Size Up

Program Overview

Commit to 12 weeks, of solid weight training. No fluff, no gimmicks. Just a complete weight training program, designed to add power, strength, & stability. This will be your foundation for all future fitness profiles. Creating lean muscle for a better lifestyle, physique, or performance


As with any health venture, the nutrition is paramount. There is no substitute for proper nutrition. Each program will be dialed in with a corresponding meal plan, to match the physical goal. Not all meal plans are equal. Not even close

Mentor & Coach

Majority of failed fitness plans, are due to being derailed by unforeseen issues. The benefit of our program, also includes belonging to a group of peers who are in your program. Everyone will feel your struggles, and some will know the success lying ahead. You will have direct access to your Coach, to ensure you’re maximizing the process.